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Cheap Airwire DCC Receiver

I’ve been playing with Airwire a bit in my spare time and I’ve come across a very cheap way to build an Airwire compatible receiver. It will drive any large scale DCC decoder using battery power. No programming, just hookup a few modules that you can get from Ebay and Amazon and it works. All together it costs about $30 (without the decoder obviously) It does require a bit of soldering and a voltmeter but it’s pretty easy. If you are interested, I’ve put together a set of instructions with links where you can get the modules. You can find it at the below link:

Airwire Receiver

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Nice one Martin! Should help people who are AirWire and don’t want to pay $130 for the AirWire CONVRTR and can live with the original 8 frequencies, saving $100 per loco.