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I’ve rejoined the chatroom. To accommodate our seniors on the east coast, it’s generally between 1700-1730 PDT. Gives our friends a chance to get their night slippers on. I know 5pm isn’t convenient for west coasters, but it would be nice to chat with a few of you.


I’ve been trying for years to get more “Friends” and LS Model Railroaders to join on the Chat Room, with little success.
There seems to be a natural movement towards the “Face Book” style of chat, and others that used to contribute to The Chat Room, left due to one person’s crude graphics and tom foolery. He seldom appears any more, after being severely warned. There was also a short incident involving politics that still lingers, due to one person’s refusal to forget past indescressions, and get back to being part of a completely friendly group.
We have, as you have seen, and experienced a core of about 5-6 good people, and it would be wonderful to entice more if possible. We all have so much to share, and learn…

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Over the years ive learned stuff out of the chat room. Politics and religion can always disrupt any gathering and 99.9% of the time add little value to the discussion.

There is a reason I have a no politics, no religion rule here. I can’t police the chat like I do the forums, so its up to you guys to keep things in line.

I have, in the past, received the occasional message that new people find the chat a little intimidating. I’m not sure what to make of that.

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I tried the chat room years ago. Aside from the "welcome John, by someone, I couldn’t get a word in.
The chat room is a clique as far as I’m concern.

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John; I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Please try again.
All you have to do is type out your reply, and hit entre…simple, easy-peasey…Anyone who takes part will be appreciated, as they may have great answers or even GREATER questions !! They may also have great ideas, along with becoming good friends…
Just remember…anyone wanting to be heard, HAS TO TYPE to be heard…!!!
If I’m there, which I am usually…I’ll sure appreciate your input, and I’m sure NOT part of any CLIQUE…We are usually there every evening, after 20:00 EST until 21:00 or later…
Fred Mills

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Nice to see you back in the saddle John !
I to,too,2,two have learned stuff out of the chat room and I hope all is well with you my friend. Do you still have ALL your,you’re Amtrash stuff?


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Amtrak? Where did that baggage car come from?

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I’m jealous of your indoor trackage! Wouldn’t mind having that car back some day as it was my “virgin” first popped my cherry Amtrash build. Perhaps we could trade a stripped down Viewliner sleeper for it as you have the cafe car with the consist? Only thinking out loud and perhaps some Tom Foolery or maybe Jake Foolery as Jake’s are younger than Toms and only know what they are taught in the chatroom.


Thank You for keeping LSC up and running for " US " (meaning the USERS) as I am certainly one!

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That baggage car is very unique. One of a kind.

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The other religion i have to beat down with a stick on a regular basis is the battery crowd….boy are they persistent in their cause!

I guess I am one of “The Battery Crowd” you mention, as a religious group.
No religion in the group…I assure you, that I am aware of.
The only reason I use radio/battery power, is that it suits my needs completely.
I have NEVER tried to force it on anyone, and never will.
YOU choose your own medicine…I don’t prescribe anything.
I will offer, when asked, what I fine good about battery/Radio control…and I never degrade anyone’s choice of system. You live with your choice. If you are happy…GREAT.
Fred Mills


Fred… humor……did I say the battery crowd wasn’t pleasant or helpful… or like a pack of rabid dogs?

Folks join the old farts in chat, it’s okay if you doze off in chat . Heck I was in the car dealership Monday and three old timers were sound asleep in the service waiting room!

1700PDT 1800MDT 1900CDT 2000EDT

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I had a similar experience, John.
I drove my lawn tractor to the local John Deere service centre. The supervisor was a fine mature lady. She gave me a copy of the local newspaper, and offered me a seat in the waiting area.
I promptly fell asleep. Later, I awoke in my own bed, at home. My tractor was in my storage shed, and all seemed well. I found an envelope on my coffee table, in it was a note thanking me for my business, and my bill.
I will forever be a John Deere customer…after finding my clothes neatly folded on a chain next to my bed.
Fred Mills

Is this what is discussed in the chat room Padre, Friar or what ever “NICKNAME” you prefer? I ASSUMED it was train related?

Intermission for …useless Amtrash going roundy round

So, let me get this straight Fred. The fine mature Deere lady arranges for you to be delivered home in your sleep, gets you undressed and into bed, folds your clothes and writes a thankyou note…

I suppose “good customer service” is one way to put it, but it sure sounds like more than your tractor got overhauled… :smiley:

Old farts like me, have to keep up with the tales of young’ns like John Millar, whose humour needs supporting.!!!.. I can dream many dreams, and leave others to enjoy their own imaginations.
I also enjoy an active mind, which is used mostly, for, hopefully, Large Scale Railroading, and the enjoyment, with friends of the hobby.
Fred Mills

Well, I bit, haHA!ha!!
I suppose the chain she left next to your bed should have been the giveaway… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: