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Car missing in train

I ran into the same issue we had at Bob’s with a car showing a drop-off, but that car was never on a pick-up order.

Looking at the train details, the “missing” car is properly in the make up of the train. In my case, was a yard pick-up at the origination point. The bug is in the reporting of the train orders. The “missing” car is not in the group to be picked up at the yard.

My work-around was to go back into the train detail and un-check that car before terminating the train because I didn’t notice the car missing until I was a long way away from the origination yard.

Yep. Im armpit deep into debugging that one. Its in the switchlist code somewhere, since it DOES show up in the train detail window.

Maybe the car that’s missing just needs a tune-up. :smiley:

Bouncing this back to the top. Any chance you were able to find this one Bob?

Weather permitting, the C.V.S.Ry. has begun freight ops. With the additional rolling stock things are getting interesting. Especially when you get to the destination and the car being called for isn’t in the consist :o

Anyone who is having this problem that didn’t see Bob’s notice elsewhere; he found and squashed this bug. A new version is available via email. The auto-update version not quite yet.

Still waiting for my email. BOLO issued.

Steve Featherkile said:

Still waiting for my email. BOLO issued.

Bob recently stated he wont be around much for the next month or so. PM me your email address and I’ll forward the .ZIP file to you.