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Canpotex hoppers, ICG sand hopper, and more :)

I’ve completed a few projects, and have made some progress on others.

I converted two LGB hoppers into potash cars.

I had an old CN 2 bay hopper which was one of my first G scale purchases. It wasn’t really prototypical, so I converted it into an ICG sand car using a lowering kit from 4TrackRR.

A little more progress has been made on the SD60f’s.


Shane, for some reason your photos do not display, but will when i open in new window can view. nice work. are they linked to some where on th eweb? most folks just drag and drop.

Al P.

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Me too. (Me too, Me too.)

Thanks Al. Yes, I have my own website, so I’ve always hosted my own photos and linked to them. If it’s causing people problems, I’ll stop doing it that way.


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Shane, I see them fine using Chrome and thanks for posting. I enjoy seeing your fine modeling skills. Great work!

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Me to Dan, Me to Dan (had to do that for the 20 character limit)

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What does the lowering kit do , lower bolsters or some other sorcery??

Thanks Dan and Rooster.

Pete - Yes, and it also allows you to mount Kadee couplers. You can also use your left over trailer tape to do a fleet of the older Canpotex hoppers. :wink:

  • SD60f update -

Today I completed the rear vents, so things are getting close. Cab windows are next. :slight_smile:


Shane, wow, you really have many gifts in both modeling and instruction.

Unfortunately, since I model in the late 1880’s, I don’t have a tremendous connection with your hoppers…

But I really want to say you did a wonderful job in explaining your mods, in so clear a manner.

Amazing work, Dude. Keep it up!!


[edit] and your SD60f’s are sick nuts awesome, wish I had half your skills!!

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Six rotary gons will be ready for Spring paint. :open_mouth:


Depressed TTX (lengthened USA Trains depressed flat )


Just Fantastic! Who supplies you the decals? Thanks!

Thanks Yves. I cut paint masks with a Cameo Silhouette for my markings.