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Caboose Truck Identification

STMA 996 Truck

So my googling skills must be off. I am having a hard time identifying the type of truck and any dimensional data on it. I’d like to make a 3d print of it. All I know is I read that the Milwaukee used a 33" wheel in it. That’s about all I know. I can find pictures of cabeese with them on it but nothing identifying it nor can I find any dimensions.

Looks like these drop-frame trucks

Maybe buy a pair of the Walthers ones and measure…

Thanks Bob. If anything I would say based on what you sent me they are the straight frame ones. Either which way the Walther HO truck looks like a perfect match.

Another reason I would say the straight frame is the ticket is the description in your first link says that the older straight frame trucks were relegated to cabooses that were on branch lines, and considering how STMA came about at the demise of the Milwaukee it would make sense that they purchased a pair of older cabooses that were used for local service in and around St Maries Idaho. I am sure they just purchased the equipment that was already stationed there.

If I can’t get any more information on them, I always have the option of driving the 30 minutes to St Maries with a tape measure in hand and measure the darn ting.

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I would consider taking a note pad and pencil too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

They have been scrapping stuff lately over there. So you better hurry!

That design looks familiar to me and I wonder if I have a drawing of them somewhere in a car builder cyclopedia… or maybe a hobby magazine did a article on caboose trucks…

The stuff they have been scrapping at least to my knowledge is all of the log cars. The did scrap all of them. Last time I was down there the MOW equipment and the cabooses were all still there. Now of course that is all subject to change I suppose. I can’t imagine them scrapping them as opposed to selling them but you never can tell with shoe string operations. It would be a shame to see all the interesting MOW equipment they have get scrapped. But fortunately I have a lot of good photos of it all. And I have measured the rib side cabooses and have pretty detailed notes and photographs to model one of them. I just didn’t think to do the trucks. And since I am far from a concerned rivet counter even if I don’t get anything to measure off of or get any real specs I can put one together by site that would fit the bill and look good enough for who its for. . .which is me.

I wish I could not only afford but had a place to see if I could talk them into letting me buy one of the rib sides. It would make a heck of a hobby room.

Devon, I’ll make a deal with you. If you can get them to sell one of the cabooses to you, you pay for it and pay to ship it to me and I will store it for you free of charge until such time as you have room for it. Now that’s a good deal you should take advantage of.

I know they have been scrapping some MOW stuff. Not sure exactly but I think the big crane was recently made into razor blades.

Wow thats not good. At least not for a rail fan. There yard was as good or better than many RR museums. They had/have some very cool unusual pieces. I had better get down there and measure a few other pieces. They have a cobbled together plow that looks like something they made out of a spreader and a rib side box car. Thats another piece I want to.model some day. Tbey also have/had an older Jordan spreader but I was lucky to aquire an HO version that I can scale up.

One of the log cars is at the museum in Potlatch so I have access to one of those.