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C & S Rolling Stock


I am interested in finding a source of drawings/plans for C & S rolling stock. So far I have not had any success in locating any information here in New Zealand.

I have a Forney and Mogul in C & S and wish to build rolling stock.

The start of my railway can be seen here:

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to LSC Ian.
Looks like you’ve done a fine job building your RR.
Here is a link to a couple books that might help. Probably no plans, but some pictures.

Thank you for the information Ralph. At least it gives me a start


Dear Ian,


I’m not sure how much access you have to any of these mags or books, but it’s a start.

Hope this helps.


Joe Satnik

Many Thanks

I will try and locate some of those mags. I don’t have any of them.

Help most appreciated.