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C-19 vs. Big Hauler size

How does the C-19 compare to the Big Hauler in size? Does anyone have photos of the two side by side?

The Big Hauler’s are 1:22 and the C-19 is 1:20.3. I no longer have both, but putting the scale difference aside, I believe the 10 Wheeler is a little shorter in both height and length. Mechanically they are drastically different. Big haulers range from terrible drives in the early runs to pretty good in the Anniversary run. I have no experience with the recent release. The C-19 on the other hand is a mechanical gem. Many say it’s the best large scale drive Bachmann ever produced.

Like Jon I no longer have my Annie. And I agree with everything he says. The current “upgraded” ten wheeler now has the Bachmnann PnP PCB in the tender, as used in the C-19 and other later Spectrum locos, but appears to no longer come with the rudimentary built in sound system the earlier versions came with. It should be easier to convert to DCC or RC/battery operation with this PCB, like the C-19 has always been.

I do have this video though (if the link works) First up in the consist a Bachmann K-27, next the C-19 and at the back an Annie as a “banker” loco. I hope this will give you some idea of size comparison. The K-27 and C-19 are both 1:20.3 scale.

The listing for the latest version 4-6-0