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Bucket List

Thought about a Bucket List but really have done almost everything that I wanted to do. Took years to convince
the wife that to finish my list, we would have to move to paradise. I guess I am most fortunate to come very close on the list.

I could start a new List but then what for ? Just not going to live forever and that’s the truth !

Your List ? Or are you there already ?

Cheers TOF in Hawaii

Darryl, yes I am there. Problem is I sometimes have a little trouble convincing myself. m :wink:

My problem is, I have too many Buckets to list… :slight_smile:

Ive already done most of my list, except to go to Colorado and ride the trains.

Oh. oh. I put the layout on the bucket list! Since it’s never finished, I’ll be around awhile!

Like your great aunt Sarah Winchester?

DOUG; I like your idea, since I don’t think I’ll ever get mine done that way I’ll be around for awhile, maybe even long enough to get the knee fixed!


My list grows almost daily.
And if I add to the list the things I want to do again…

I do need some more buckets.

The problem is that if I pick up a bucket, my wife expects me to wash her car :lol:


The only thing left on my list is :
Retire next year, and to stay healthy as long as possible.
Enjoy life and friends.
I guess thats as much as one can hope for.

The only thing on my bucket list is a week to 10 days in Ireland, Scotland and Wales… But at about $6K a head, it isn’t likely to happen.

There are a lot of things I’d like to do, that I may never get a chance to do them. Mostly stuff like exploring more of the Western states, hunting up old mines and ghost towns and such. I’d also like to see more of the operating steam trains that are still in existence. Due to Cris’ health issues my travel time has been strictly limited the entire time we’ve been together – and was pretty limited before then due mainly to lack of funds.

But I can’t complain. I’ve still managed to have a lot of great adventures over my lifetime, and more blessings than I can count.

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A bucket list is a good idea. But you should keep a couple things in mind - prioritize and be realistic. Pick the most important thing you can think of that you’ve always wanted to do - can you realistically afford it, now, or ever? If not, go to the next most important thing (and forget the first one forever). And probably most importantly, do it now, or as soon as possible - you only get to go around once and you don’t know what’s in store for you tomorrow (no matter how young or old you are).

Not enough buckets, not enough time…:wink:

Staying on topic!!

I would like to attend a Baptist Church in the deep south because I would like to get a LOT of amen’s on my thoughts then be invited to a good home cooked southern meal with good conversation afterwards.

Already built Amtrash along with other things that is made of Unobtainium - Wikipedia

Only saying cause “Splitrack” /aka Darryl Noble asked back in the day?

I can make that bucket list item a reality, Rooster. Just let me know when you are headed this way :grin:

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11 years later??

Wow, deep diving.

Around again. Bucket list has changed. Moved from paradise to Yuma and I don’t really know why? No modellers there or almost nil ? No large scale modellers here either ! Nice HO/N club. Going. to thin out all my LGB items as they came redundant . Just can’t keep everything. I did try tho. I put an ad on Craigs list, toys games on both San Diego and Yuma boards. Darryl