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Brown wire in LGB 2028D?

Does anyone know what the brown wire in the LGB 2028D connects to? The green and the white go to the motor.

Dan Pierce and Thomas White are the LGB dealers/experts, and they post on Mylargescale.

I seem to recall Dan saying the brown wire is to one side track pickups and the white is common to the motor and the other side track pickups. Or maybe it was the green? Should be easy to check with a meter that your white or green wire goes to on side’s wheels or the other.

Thanks Peter

I will check on MyLargeScale with Dan and Thomas.

Tim, JSYK, Dan P. worked forever (and maybe still does?) with Train Li, a huge US distributor of LGB (maybe the largest?). Dan can fix anything LGB (and a lot more). If you can’t get ahold of him via MLS, you can ask Joann (who runs Train Li) for his number / email.

[email protected]

Sorry for all the parens! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Looking at the wiring schematic again …just don’t cut the blue wire!

I’ve reached out to Dan P.

Thanks Peter and Cliff


Blue wire?? Where are you getting that?