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Brass track

Mixed batch of lengths, manufacturers, both new and used. Rough estimate 800 feet. I’ll price it at $4.50 per foot. Open to local not looking to ship.

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Hollywood, has your right of way been reappropriated for new infrastructure and are you converting to maglev?

Maglev would be good, even vacuum tube, but no, area is still available but I have lost the interest. So as time passes I’m sure you will see more come up and I’ll add if you are looking for cars/locos I might have what you want

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that is no reason to sell your stuff!
hobbies are like oceans, they come with tides included.
a loss of interest is reason to box ones stuff up, but not to get rid of it.
a stored layout does not need to be fed or watered.
it patiently waits, till the bug bites you again.

(only reason to tell you the lie, that you are doing the right thing, would be interest to buy some of your superb buildings)

life without a hobby must be really boring. i would be afraid of that.

I’m a bit saddened to hear this news David and yet I kinda understand. I have a new friend in SA who has recently divested himself of most of his LGB from the Richter era. He had found that he was unable to share and enjoy the larger scale as he used to. He’s building a tilt-able plywood table set-up in HO that he can move around.

I have recently moved 13 cubic meters of soil and had to look to see if that was an LSC RECORD, and came across a post from 2010 called My “Dirt” has come in

So, Im hoping you’re going to hang around LargeScale Centralia as I think I have much to learn from you. Also, I’m quite interested in how you’re going to integrate 15 cubic yards of soil into your next hobby. :nerd_face:

…and please, if you can, I’d like a link that has pictures of your layout as Photobucket has been unkind to the above post.

Since you asked Bill here are a few I could find. All from the early days



HPIM1849 (1)




Thanks for those photos David, I think they were taken before I came on board with LSC. Having been to your place a couple times, I’ve always wondered how your layout looked. And now, I see that it was beautiful! I love that shot of the train going through the grass, just like across the prairie… And what great trestles!

Much appreciated,

Thanks Cliff. That trestle is still around and all aluminum for sale also

Having seen portions of David’s extensive collection, I’d encourage anyone here to PM him if you’re looking for particular kinds of cars or locos.

Damn glad I didn’t let you into what Rooster terms the stash. :innocent: :sunglasses: :rofl:

I don’t know why everyone is so interested in brass tacks?


I’ve deduced Hollywood is the Bruce Wayne of the group. Few know his identity and only the commissioner or his ward can PM him. We only know he can appear at anytime “to provide sage advice” in a time of need.

International man of mystery…

Say what Bill ? Can’t Hear, Hate Noise :innocent:

As I said here are a few more items for sale

Bachmann D&RGW freight set On line for $239. so how’s $150. plus shipping

Danbury Mint 1938 Budweiser beer truck $125. plus shipping NIB Sold


Budweiser horse drawn wagon set $50. plus shipping

Two truck Ely Thomas Shay NIB on line at $369 and up. $200 plus shipping Sold

Delton C-16 C&S $75. plus shipping

Street lamps 8 boxes of 10 at $ 15. some packs of 2 with wreaths on them for $6. plus shipping

And three boxes of 35 globe lights as I was going to convert some of the above. $8. a box plus shipping

5 pieces of construction equipment looks like all dozers. $10. each plus shipping
I’ll accept reasonable offers on the above items

Probably not my scale, but what scale is the Danbury Mint beer truck?

Hollywood, I’ll take the Shay. I’ll also take the beer truck if Jon passes on it. He has first dibs. I’ll send you a PM with shipping info.

EDIT to add: Well, I won’t send a PM since your profile is locked. Send me a PM or you can contact me via email:

I believe 1/24th Jon

Shay is spoken for

Thanks - Let Dan have it :slight_smile:

Got a side picture of the box on the dozers? Or any idea of scale?

As requested

I measured the tires and side ladder to the cab Craig. In 1/29th the tires are at 33" tread to tread diameter. Side ladder steps are spaced 6" step to step.

That is a 1/29th scale figure next to the rear tire