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Bought an airbrush

Had to go to town on Friday, and stopped by the big box hobby and craft store to buy some copper rod for making hand rails. I noticed they had most of their airbrushes and accessories marked down for clearance. I picked up an Iwata Neo airbrush kit. It was originally priced at $239, marked down to $169, and was being cleared out for 50% of the lowest marked price. Paid $85 dollars plus tax for the kit. It came with airbrush, compressor, hose, three bottles of paint and a bottle of cleaner. Spent some time this morning playing around with it. The yellow paint was the perfect color for a model of a Porsche 914 kit I picked up for the layout. I’m doing the kit to look like my very first car, which was a yellow 1971 Porsche 914.

Cool. Once you get the knack, airbrushes are a great tool to have.

Practice on soda cans. If you can learn to paint one of those, you can paint anything.

What Big Box store did you visit, I may wander by one we are is same area … kinda

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