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Bonsai Work

Probably not the right time of the year, but it was a cool day and I had been wanting to do this. The dwarf blue spruce was just a ball shape, took awhile to find the tree, may have gone too far, we’ll see.

This is a volunteer cedar that came up in the railroad. Our windbreak is composed of them. Been trimming on it for a few years, one other got out of hand and got too large, so cut it down, same with an elm I tried.

These Alberta Spruce I put in last year to replace a big one that died. Trimmed them some then, while still in the pots on my deck table. Easier than down on the ground like this time.

Not sure what these bushes are called but seem to be common at Walmart and garden centers. YOu do have to prune them a couple of times a season. I look at the stems when I buy bushes and pick ones that have a good thick stem in there. On Alberta Spruces I like to poke around and find the ones that have two main trunks going up, so you can prune them to have a different look.

There are three of them on a curve, but this showed up best in the photo. I like to have different ‘trees’ in my layout, so try different bushes/trees to see what works. Sitting on the ground that long yesterday really wrecked my old body though, taking this day off!

Nice work Jerry. I’m really looking forward to some of this if I ever manage to get something on the ground. I really like that you’re trying to give anything that grows the bonsai treatment. How can you lose if they all start as volunteers anyway.

Looking good!

Great job, I love the cedar. Are you able to control the growth and make it usable for a few years?