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Bob Sorenson's Howe Truss Deck Bridge

In 2011, Bob Sorenson posted an article about building a Howe truss deck bridge that included a link to a “Truss Panel Plan”. I have the article, but the link is broken. Does anyone happen to have saved a copy of that plan?

Thanks in advance.

Found on google

Thanks Rooster,

That’s a neat bridge. I am in need of a couple bridges and may have to incorporate a Howe deck as all or part of one of the bridges. I have always liked the combination of a trestle and deck bridge especially wood.

Thanks for the info. I downloaded it, but it does not contain the drawings that were in the link on page 2 called “Truss Panel Plan”. I’m hoping someone downloaded the drawings and saved them.

Thanks again,

Bob, I would recommend stopping by My Large Scale and posting over there. Bob was a frequent poster over there, although a quick search and he has not posted since early last year. Not sure what that means.

Finding the drawings on MLS is a long shot crap shoot. When Shad sold it the new owners devestated the file storage and most if not all of the older history on the site is gone.

Good luck, Bob did fantastic work.

Thanks for the info…I’ll see if anybody over there has it.

I noticed that myself. I was only active over there for a short time before coming here and that was not long before the change. I have since went and tried to find some of the Master Class stuff Dave Fletcher did and noticed it was pretty disorganized.

Try this link…for some reason, it will not post as a clickable link; you have to copy it and paste it in the address line.

Once I posted it, it became clickable…

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Thanks Bob. I was able to salvage the ones I was interested in and downloaded them. It is nice to see that they all got put back in a place where a person can find them. They are a valuable resource for scratch builders.

Dwight saved a lot on his website and created an index to it all.

Yeah I did discover them in a round about way and ended up where Dwight had them. Fortunately I was able to get the ones that really interested me. The mogul build and the Carter Bro coaches. It is nice that Dwight was able to consolidate them.

As of 2015 you could still get the Carter Bros kits from the Lasergang in Germany.

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That would be cool. I have the templates but have the laser cut ones would be nice. This is still deep in the bucket.

Have my eyes open for the same plan but in steel/iron if anyone can find them

Here’s the truss plan for that bridge. The dimensions are 1:1 full size so you will have to scale them.

As I recall, I did these in 1:20.3 Both Narrow Gauge and Standard Gauge equipment looked good on them

Take care, Bob Sorenson

Thanks for that Bob. Glad you were able to pop in and give us these. I know for one I will appreciate using it.

Thank you very much, Bob. I was ready to give up hope of ever finding them.

Thanks again,