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Bob Hyman Trestle Clinic Photos

Years ago Bob did some excelent RGS trestle clinics.

I have the clinics but unfortunately I have lost several of the diagrams of the bents


Trestke 46-C Bent #2
Trestke 46-D Bent #10
Trestke 57-A Bent #8
Trestke 58-A Bent #6

Does anyone have these diagrams?



Stan, check your email.

Al P.



Bob did some excellent clincs and I will be putting them up on the web site later this weekend.


Ooh, these would be great to see. I keep thinking I want my big bridge to be a trestle, but I dont feel like I have the talent to pull it off.

BS! if i can build a trestle, there is no reason, why you shouln’t be able to!
go take a look, what you have already built.

It’s tough when this is what is sold locally

If anyone needs wood, I have several Cedar 5x5 post ends, about 2 foot each that I’m looking to part with for free - delivery to NELSTS in April. They have been stored outside for about a year and are not “clear” cedar.

Will they be ripped down or a slab?


As-is. 5.5"x5.5"x~24". I can’t rip more than about 3" on my tools.

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2 of Bob Hyman’s bridge clinics are now on the site in the library. Part 2 of the bridge clinic is still linked to the wayback machine. Hopefully I can find a few more of the photos in Part 2 and get it up on the NHGRS site later this week.