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Bob, how come I'm not here?


I know you have a lot of irons in the fire but was just curious why starting about a week ago I don’t show up in the little pictures at the top of members on line? I’m signed in and I show up over on the top left side.

Also my Freight Shed pictures on my posts before 2019 aren’t showing in the threads again either secure or not secure using Chrome or Edge. Any ideas, or is this just all part of the wonkieness going on around here??

THanks for your time.


I’m not 100% certain but one’s own avatar has never, or at least for a long time, showed up. I don’t remember ever seeing mine, just those of others that currently have an active session.

Thanks Mark.

Mine has always shown up on my screen when I was on site, maybe that was the mistake and not showing is the correct way.


My avatar shows for me. Bob just doesn’t like you :slight_smile:

I currently only see Jim and Pete as the members online. I don’t see myself nor Rick (if he is still online). I’ve noticed over the last several weeks that sometimes I can see myself sometimes I can’t. No big deal, but Rick’s not losing his mind (

Hmmm I do not see who’s on… I believe Bob might be working on the site .

Now it says one member but not me …(

No, Im not working on the site. I’m not trying to fix any bugs in this software. Its unsupported from the creator.

Without getting technical, the “who is on line” is broken because of outdated code on the site versus the way browsers report back to the server.

I have the above “problem” plus I’m shown as offline in all posts I’ve posted in. (

I just found out that if I sign out and then when I sign back in and DO NOT check “Remember Me” I am displayed on the home page and in all my posts. Who’da thunk! (

Yep. This is a perfect example of how changes in how a browser works affects site software. Somewhere along the line in the last year or so, the format of certain data the browser sends to the site has changed. The back end is throwing errors that dont make any sense, so I’m basically ignoring this issue for now.

errors that dont make any sense

Isn’t technology wonderful?

I hate technology, because it doesn’t work as advertised. But, if it worked as advertised, I would have to get a real job.

I don’t really need for it to show me I’m on the site , I kinda don’t need to know I’m here , I’m here!

The “invisible man” syndrome has happened to me on several occasions. I just tend to chalk it up to software interaction weirdness and keep doing stuff. I know that I am here, so that is good enough.

Just thought I should note it for the record.

Grateful for all the positive interaction on this site, David Meashey