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B'mann 2-6-0 "Industrial"

Anyone have one of these?

Could you do me a favor and pop the bottom plate off to show what the wiring looks like inside?
The one I am working on looks like this:

As you can see, no wires, and I can find no trace of how they would have been connected.

The backstory is that a guy bought this ‘for a steal’ as it was a non-runner. When he got it home, he found a tender full of electronics and a battery, and he seemed not to know what it was and not to want to start converting to r/c. He’s new to large scale.

I just happened to have a spare, brand-new tender for this, so I offered him an exchange plus $$ for his tender. He liked the idea, and his tender turned out to be a huge, ten-wheeler tender which looked quite strange next to the loco!

When I got it I sent him this montage of 3 tender options.

Anyway, the loco had been stripped of all wiring, except a motor connection and the front headlight. I’m replacing it so it runs on track power.

I have one in storage. Had it out a month or so ago considering converting to trail car R/C-Sound. I’ll try and find it tonight and take a few pics for you.

Looks like one pair of red wires to the sound drum pickups via tiny ring terminals. You are missing the pick-up fingers. A second pair of red wires to the track pickup springs via more ring terminals. If you need terminals, I probably have some in my removed parts bins. Or just form the end of the wire and tin it.

Thanks! Just what I needed. I assumed as much, but didn’t see any signs of scuffing where the ring terminals were removed.
Interesting that the wheel pickups only connect at one end. Without removing the wheels, it looked as if the strips were separate, hence my re-wire connects to both!