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Bluestone Southern's Oct 21-22, 2023 OPS

On Oct 21 & 22 will be the last Bluestone Southern’s operating session for the year…
Hours are from noon till 5ish, both days, Saturday and Sunday…
If planning to attend, an RSVP would be appreciated, but not required…

Jean and I plan to attend.


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We WILL be leaving around 1 PM on Sunday - we are planning to visit my brother in Arkansas.

Looks like great weather ahead!

This lived up to expectations! Well done! What fun, too!

It’s a LONG drive, but well worth it. Per our usual “routine”, we drove from Burke, VA to Corydon, Indiana. Dinner THIS time was at a restaurant called 1816!

Great food, too!

Friday saw us headed out to Andy & Jane, until Ric let us know that Andy had dialysis on Fridays, so we should NOT get there TOO early! (Which we had planned, since the time changes between Indiana and Illinois.). No problem. We decided to head up to Springfield, Illinois. Home to Abraham Lincoln before he was President.

Neat place and well worth the trip! But THEN it was TIME for some TRAINS! Andy & Jane have put a LOT of work into this and all the plants have gotten larger since our last visit.

And this year there’s a pond - how cool is THAT? (Actually, the pond has been there for some years, but this was OUR first time to see it…)

Every pond needs a crocodile, so I donated this to the cause…

It’s probably OK if it doesn’t get wet, but as soon as it hits the water it gets wet, so it probably needs to dry out completely between visits…
Later, Ric tried to make it work, but I suspect the electronics were already wet, so pretty much a no go.

Well, the heck with some head guy, I came to run trains and I was NOT disappointed.
On Saturday, I took the Industrial Local…(or whatever it is called) and was ably assisted by Ric, thank goodness! It was great except for the fact that I forgot to take ANY pictures. The wind sort of put a damper on my enthusiasm, though - as we were backing the train out onto the Y bridge the wind caught the train and derailed everything…quite the bummer.

On Sunday, I just had enough time to run the Freeman Spur…no wind this time! I wanted to leave a by one as we were driving to visit my brother in Arkansas…

It’s a 15 hour drive from Jonesboro, Arkansas to home…so since I’m older and supposedly wiser, we stopped in Abingdon, Virginia to break up the trip…had a great dinner and it was warm enough to sit outside…

We were only mildly annoyed by the rooster there… :innocent:

All in all, a great visit to a great layout. Thanks to Jane & Andy for putting it on. We had a wonderful time enjoying all the work that has been put into the Blue Stone Southern!

Oh…I almost forgot the basement…WOW! Great stuff indeed!


Layout is looking great inside and out. :sunglasses:
Thanks for the pics Bruce

Thanks Bruce!

Congratulations on another great ops session, Andy!

This is on my. Bucket list!!! Just to see the place in person

Great to see Bruce and Jean, along with everyone else. Weather was perfect except for the direction of the wind on Saturday. All and all a great time.

Here’s a photo taken and photo shopped by Bernard Kempinsky.

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Gazette shot for sure, Jim!

It IS a great shot, but I’m almost certain that it’s NOT the Bluestone Southern that is pictured. :innocent:

You’re right, Bruce… Oops.

Sometimes I forget which amazing thread or spectacular layout I’m responding too. I’ll claim geriatric license. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That will be a buck two ninety five. payable in large bills only :innocent: :sunglasses: