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Bluestone Southern Op's from10-2-22. Part 1

Great video!
I hope to be there for the next session. Lots of nice long runs, plus some challenging switching, if you are so inclined. What fun!

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Cousin Russell,
You have captured the current essence !

1…The pond is filled

2…The coal train run to the power plant worked flawlessly even if you forgot to empty them!

3…Dad is alive and actually switching trains even though I think you were checking out his back end !

4…Ric Golding is alive

5…The women are wearing knee pads so what more could a Model Train Enthusiast ask for?

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LOL!! I knew I forgot to do something at the power plant! Andy is alive and kicking, but that’s not him in the video. That’s retired Teacher Mark.
Ric is alive as well.

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