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Bluestone Southern Op's from 10-22-2022 Part 1

Great video, Matt!

The place has really grown over the years,

Thanks for taking it. Nice job. Hopefully we make it next year.

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Matt what happened to the thumb???

Great coal train video, Matt…

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I started hurting when I was staking the pvc in the ground for the second mainline. Then after I got done doing that, it just kept getting worse. To the point I can’t grip anything without the thumb bending the wrong way. I’ve had that brace on it for a little over a week now and it’s much better.

Thanks! I hope to have the second part of the video up tonight.

First time view of operations and RR; ‘WOW’ - beautiful running and video.

Well hope it heals up quickly, and you can get the work do before winter hits

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