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Bluestone Southern June 8-9 Ops news

currently I am in the hospital to figure out why
I have bad circulation in my right foot…
Vein tests are scheduled for this afternoon…
results will determine if the ops session will still
operated… will let yall know…



good luck with the quacks.

Sorry to hear this Andy Keep us posted

Good luck with the tests Andy.

If they offer “blue mass,” run! Hope all turns out well!


The June 8-9 Ops has been officially Canceled… Have had 2 separate
mild heart attackes in the past 2 weeks… Will advise on future dates…


You’re a tough old bird, you’ll beat this also.

Yep, what Jim said. Hang in there!

welcome to the club!

i had my first of these about 30 years ago. still chain-smoking and eating what i want today.
once one gets used to it, life is ok on borrowed time.

Well dad you can’t blame me as I haven’t seen you!

Take care old man!!