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bit of my trackwork

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I am busy with making track sinds a year and a half, experimented on a lot of ways with a lot of materials, i must say 3d printing is nice, but the experiments i did with (azobe) wood are more satisfying.

The 5 way is not done yet!!! please keep this in your mind.

Hmm need to work on my skills with this photo organiser, sorry

And how to add more photos? (of a crossover, turnouts (1:7 to 1:12) in wood and some track work…)

Holy Jamb Pack Batman!!! That 5 way is a monster excellent and thanks for sharing (

Needed to add the image

Wow, just WOW! its like looking at one of those optical illusion drawings! awesome work , incredible work actually, but holy jumping, it would take me forever to figure out how to get your train to the proper track without derailing

WOW Igor;

And to think I got into trouble for splitting a simple Y spring switch (the mechanism jammed & my 4.5 ton 4-4-0 rumbled straight up the middle of the switch on the ties!). Two weeks after the fact, the maintenance boss looked at me and said to the crew, “Hey, what do you guys think of a guy (me) who has four tracks (actually rails) to choose from and misses all of them?!” I shudder to think of the trouble I could get into on your switch.

Beautiful work, and very fascinating.

Regards, David Meashey

That is truly amazing work

Really nice work Igor.

How are you making your frogs, they look like the same material as the ties (based purely on colour…).



David Marconi,FOGCH said:

Holy Jamb Pack Batman!!! That 5 way is a monster excellent and thanks for sharing (

What Hollywood says, and 3.5 big woofs!!


Neil Wiggins said:

Really nice work Igor.

How are you making your frogs, they look like the same material as the ties (based purely on colour…).



I just 3d print them (abs) with slots for the alu track, bend the alu strip into shape and put them into the ties/sleepers.

The 5way is a trouble free switch prototypical correct in 1:32 it is 2,60 meters/8.5 foot long, test car (and boogies) runs smooth on all the 5 back and foreward

I made a lot of turnouts crossovers ect also a lot of failed experiments!!! but i think i have my recipe clear now:

CNC the frogs from aluminium bar and the ties sleepers from azobe wood.

The complicated ties/sleepers will be probably also cncéd?

I must figure out how to post pictures, my success scissor crossover (is 6.5 foot length with a 13 foot radii) is prototypical correct like all my new work, some rail sections, production methods ect.

The car is 50 cm /~20 inch btw

Runs trouble free

From my “storage shed”:

David Meashey said:

WOW Igor;

I shudder to think of the trouble I could get into on your switch.

This one is new( and does not need maintenance yet( that would be my answer to your boss, sorry i will never lose my humour…

Igor I just open your thumbnail with the open link in new tab choice. then right click on that image and select ‘copy image location’ then past that here by using the little mountains icon

I had a question in my pm box, i decided to post the answer in the open to avoid some disappointments for others.

I hope i will not create any harsh/hard feelings i am only meaning good and i am willing to share, so all can benefit!

I would love to share all my files to how ever would like it, BUT

  1. For now there are stl files only, for cnc machinery you need to convert those files yourself

  2. in the near future i will buy a cnc myself, again the files i am willing to share, BUT

  3. I am only going to machine the frogs and not the whole turnout.

  4. the frogs will have no number, cous i the EU we don’t work with frog numbers, we create frogs as needed as per wish(or cast)

In the eu you will find probably some "standard/off shelf frogs in country’s like Germany France and Poland, Spain i am not sure.

For the rest: especially in my country we have the most dense and populated railroad system in the world, incl houses on a squire mile.

  1. my simple turnouts will be larger then 1:9 up to 1:24( 1meter 40 to three meters in length)(the 5 way, siccor crossover, the triple 3 way’s, normal turnouts ect where just “exercise/warm up” for me)

  2. i am going to make from now on only the frogs with a cnc and the sleepers/ties with “normal” (not average Joe) woodworking machines.

Designs - Thingiverse

All is printed in abs btw, uv resistant—> suited for aluminium strip 2mm by 10 mm!

I use the most underestimate and most versatile program there is, —3d builder— from windows itself…for free.

I really would like to share so we all can benefit, but i am affriad you will get disappointing, you can not chance a frog easy, make it smaller or bigger, change the deriving angle ect, you will fail, plus i use prototypical dimensions, between my flange and railhead i have 0.5mm clearance/tolerance, sorry lgb ect will not run on my turnouts or other.

Learn how to 3d print and learn how to design, learn how frog and other components work, it is quite a diet, i promise, but the reward is beyond what you have now or thought you wanted.

If you wanted a layout below 400 meters it is not worth the effort.

You really want something prototypical, do it, master the program Templot!!!

Want more then 400 meters layout or some difficult switches ect, do it(i use a combo with azobe wood ties/sleepers with ABS uv resistant)…what are you waiting for!

Want to be commercial…forget it, to time consuming to make 1 simple turnout…Not including 2 years learning (engineering level (road and railroad engineer)) and 35 years experienced in wood working

Commercial can be done on mra1 and you need also prototypical products and a investment of 50.000 of woodworking machinery and a cnc, plus some serious woodworking experience and a certain degree in railroad knowledge, it is not simply copy and past and adapt

This "statement"is not to brag, but what i did to get on this level to get what I WANT and what I would like to achieve.

Yes i learned a thing or two for myself and i am a contractor for 20 years now.

With best regards Igor

Thanks Karl, we will see you in real life, i owe you a beer, thanks and cheers