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Bill’s first Mik entry 2024

I’ve been looking at past competitions and realised that I should have joined LSC decades ago and been honing some skills.
Considering that I haven’t figured out how to streamline gluing shingles and planks together, my first entry into the Mik building competition will be a simple office annex suitable for attachment to important future industrial complexes, such as a napkin manufacturing plant or rivet numbering facility, or an imitation chicken pipe mill (depending upon me understanding the reference).


welcome to the insanity

Ahaaa… I also see that you had your first baptism in drawing on a napkin… aint as easy as you thought it would be… Damm things move about and grab the pin…


Gotta respect the napkin planners, for sure!

It reinforced buying the 100 pack of napkins this year was the right thing to do…

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An oft repeated sentiment! Have fun with this!


Is anyone else having trouble transferring their Mik-mas napkin plans for the build? Every time I try to add some detail , she comes by to check my work.


LINK: graph paper napkin

LINK: Graph Paper Napkins

Planning napkins are harder to find than I thought.

Mighty fancy napkin there Bill. Nice idea but all those extra lines bypass the KISS principle. IMHO YMMV.
But rule one shines through as long as you’re having fun as you seem to be. :blush: :innocent: :sunglasses:
edit here.
But at that price you’d blow your MIK budget. Might think of building with what materials you have on hand and not worry about durability this year. Pick up a bag of coffee stirs or tongue depressors and have at it even. It’s the fun of the challenge here so get your feet wet and have at it.

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Now graph paper napkins. . .that might be right up there with the greatest inventions ever. . .like air and water.

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I second this thought. Not only is it in keeping with the tradition (something I myself am guilty of straying way away from) but also I am learning that fancy expensive building options are turning out to be fancy expensive failures. I am still very much trying to learn a method of construction that works for me, I like doing, and holds up. I am the LAST person at this point for building “how to’s” more like a great resource for “how not to’s”.

Out of curiosity, and given the sheer size of Australia, what type of environment do you hail from? Is it hot dry desert, tropical, in the mountains where I do know you can have snow and rain? I know that here in the US we all have varying mileage based on where we each live. I don’t have the issues of extreme heat and blowing sand and dirt that will weather a building way differently than my fairly wet cold snowy winters and then hot dry summers.

Hey guys note: Thats engineers graph paper… fancy stuff… measured in 1/50ths of an inch… So by my quick calc. @ 1:24 scale, thats each little line is just about 1/2 inch…

For my close work i’m lucky to get to + or - .750 of an inch tolerance.

Bill… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: just having some fun under the rule #1



Ooh, a geography question! Prepare for the long answer. Australia is weird.

Apparently we live roughly just as far south as Mobile Alabama is north. (Ironically, just like Alabama, South Australians have an accent, more like the British or New Zealanders as the state had free settlers).


However we are much like Canada, as most of the population lives on the edge of the continent as it gets hotter further north or central you travel.

Unlike most of North America, crossing the continental divide is an anticlimax. Vegetation doesn’t change much east to west but does north to south.


Without a mountain range to stop clouds and dump rain, you might think we are a very hot dry continent, and generally many cities actually do go on water restrictions. El Niño plays a big part, so currently the east coast cities have been struggling with floods. So it’s a country of extremes with dust storms that block out the sun to cyclones that run up and down the coast in the search for caravan parks followed by bush fires.

Here in SA, most of our summer (1 Dec - 29 Feb) hot weather swoops down from the deserts around Alice Springs and temperatures can reach 45c. Winter (1Jun - 31 Aug.) here is generally sloppy & wet (enough to grow moss on roofs) and we get close to, but never reach 0c.

After finishing writing this, I thought maybe someone’s asked this question before, and found the answer to Devon’s question.

And as we’ve been to the BAGRS national convention, I’d have to say it’s probably accurate.



Your measurements and calculations are quite impressive. I feel I could merge two of the track side companies but will need a foreman who understands the nuances of both industries.

Please send me your resume. :grin:

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If hired, will transportation costs be included? My last flight into Sydney was only 14 hr’s out of LAX… And I’m sure a hop from there to your place would be easy… I do need to get away from our winter.

I could use a get away…

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oh, oh! now i must be carefull, my wife doesn’t see this pic.
or we would be on the next plane to the northern hemisphere…

Everyone loves snow until they have to shovel it.

After my heart attack, I at first thought that “Good excuse to not have to shovel snow anymore”… And then it was pointed out that if I can shovel coal into a steam engine climbing up a 10,000 ft pass, a little snow would be a piece of cake… Oh Well to get to fire a steam loco, I’ll shovel some snow…

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No worries Dave,
You’ll probably be tired of flying by then, do you want to be picked up by car or train? One is 15 hours the other is 2 days one night :grin:

The British referred getting to Australia as being “Sentenced to Transportation “.

I got a bit side tracked looking for LSC experience with bamboo roofing. I somehow ended up in 2011 (not my fault) and a lot of you were THERE! #29 had less grey hair but otherwise the same guy.

Any way I may have purchased a cutting board for “herself” OR I may have a revolutionary roofing system previously unknown to LSC-kind for my Mik build. Either way one of us will be happy! Very happy.

Dave it was $8.50 AUD (I’ll do the USD conversion either for today or at the last day of the Mik, as I am new and might get away with the loophole. We can agree to disagree as you’ve been hired at the napkin -riveting factory no matter what. )

Anyway here it is!


NOTE You can either start on YOUR “today Saturday” or our Friday…
or wait for OUR Saturday, your Sunday… Your call…

Glad to have you aboard!