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Big "E" Train show in Springfield Mass.

Just a reminder … Big “E” Train show in Springfield Mass.

Event Details

  • Every year late in January or early in February, the Amherst Railway Society holds its Railroad Hobby Show at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds (The home of The Big E) in West Springfield Massachusetts.

    The event features real life railroads and scale model railroads, historical societies, travel agencies, art shows, flea market dealers, importers, manufacturers and photographers.

  • 1/26/19 at 9:00 AM -
    1/27/19 at 5:00 PM

  • Where
    The Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds Map

  • Host
    Amherst Railway Society

See you there hopefully… I’ll probable have my black cowboy hat …and toting a daughter and grandson …Boy is he in for a surprise …

Snow maybe… It is New England …

I’ll be there all weekend, bouncing between NHGRS and Sandown Historical Society.

I will also be there as part of the NHGRS

I’ll be there, staring at all the beautiful things I want to buy… I may even have a girl with me! 0.o

Sunday starts at 10AM, not 5 PM. I believe it was meant to say hours are 9 to 5 Sat, 10 to 5 Sunday.

You are right Dan

Programming issues … It will only let you enter start or end time one each day

I wonder how the fair grounds made out with the last snow storm …

Looks like we will have sun and cold temps … below freezing … ( snow they had should be gone today … close to 60F with heavy rain …

Watch for the SD Warren steam locomotive out side. This loco has been beautifully restored by the folks at the Boothbay Railway and is a honey! She should be running on a section of track!

They have done a wonderful job with her … She has been coming for a couple of years … (

Oh no…this is a different engin than previous years. This is a Baldwin saddle tanker 2 foot gauge used in a mill in Westbrook maine. I think the last one you saw was a regauged Porter done for Edaville.

Hmm I hope I get a chance to see her then … I had to look for some info .

Boothbay Railway Village is bringing a recently restored S.D. Warren #2 0-4-0T locomotive. It was built by Baldwin in 1895 and Amherst Society grant money played an important part in getting the restoration finished. It is the only operational 2 foot gauge industrial locomotive that ran in Maine. (live and UNDER STEAM!!!; located outside at the 2019 Train Show!!).

the first public run with an over size whistle and a few things to finish up. She should look even better in person this weekend! She will be boarding her truck this afternoon. She is now #1 on my build list.


Did you do any work on her ?

This is the one I was thinking of.

That one started life as a 30" gauge porter 0-4-0 saddle tanker. Brian at boothbay did the gauge conversion AND changed her to a tender engine for Edaville

I’ll be there Saturday. Looking to get some turnouts and wheels and whatever else I can. Bringing the wife to keep me from breaking the bank.

Cash… is the key … Usually @ Ro’s …

Sean McGillicuddy said:

Cash… is the key … Usually @ Ro’s …

I didn’t think about that. I’ll need to get some $$$

I spent about 5 hours at the show today wandering around the 4 buildings (most of them, more than once). I met a few form members and chatted with them quite a bit. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet everyone whom I knew was there because I was called away. But, I did get to see the saddle tank! What a beautiful locomotive.

John, did you find turnouts? I did not. Piko curved points were one of the few things I was really hoping to buy and I couldn’t find them at all.