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Big model trains running inside a small house

Big model trains running inside a small house



Most fun watching your trains run around the first floor of charming home. Now…can you make it go up steps…that would be really cool.

Had similar layout until son’s friends wrecked it while playing with it…without my knowledge. Was so saddened…put whole layout away now for over 11 years. May get it back out for basement again. Good inspiration


Vioc Vinyle

One word. Bachelor. Only a man without a wife would be able to have this much fun in their own home!(

Norman, I see that you are back. (

Norman, good to see you back…however, your youtube video heading says: “Is my train collection too large for my house? Nevermind, I already know the answer. The obvious next step is to move the whole thing outdoors.” I disagree; I think your next logical step is to move all your furniture outdoors.

Gents, this is an older thread that predates the flare-up. Don’t get too excited, I’m afraid our friend isn’t active.

Norm, if you are reading this, please come home, your friends do miss you.


Yes, the name on the video is not Norman, but Jim Zimmerlin… that is not Norman…