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Big "E" train show or the The Railroad Hobby Show

January 28th&29th in Springfield Mass. All scale train show !

Largest train show in the area…

Lots to see and Buy …

I have an 5 and 1.8 yr old grandson … maybe …

Oh come on Sean . . . You don’t have to use grandkids as an excuse to go to the train show. They let us big kids in also. . . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So by area you mean The United States? North America? lol

Hope you have a terrific train show this year, and beyond !!


Could possibly be for N.A. ! LoL
I’ll have to ask certain fellow members of our Train Show host society, who have attended Amherst at least a couple times in yrs. past !
To possibly compare its size to our train show that acquired the title, “Canada’s Largest Train Show” from its exhibitors, vendors, and attendees, some of which were international visitors … so also, at least a ‘IASTS’ designation. IMHO :star_struck:

** Just reviewed their exhibitors list and saw the bldg. column … yep ! Visualizing just that number of bldgs., larger than our show :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I don’t see Charlie Roe or USA trains listed as exhibitor.

I understand he’s not attending this show as stock is low. They will be at the new Large scale show in April.

That is lousy. I was hoping they were going to have a show price on a new GP30.

The blizzard kept me from the show last year but I had heard that Charlie Ro skipped that one too.

Chances are pretty good they will have a sale around the show. But you’ll need to pay tax and shipping :frowning_face:

It was fantastic weather at the show this year. They didn’t even have to put the tunnels walk between the buildings!