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Best software for programming DCC

What is the best computer software for programming DCC engine and accessory decoder CVs?
I have decoder / panelpro and so far I find it worthless and unintuitive. I am using NCE with Zimo decoders if that matters.

Not enough information here.

What DCC system are you using?

I use JMRI and it works great for me and many MRR’s use.

NCE Procab with 10A brutus and Zimo decoders.

I don’t know about ‘best,’ but I use JMRI on my bench to program with. A bit awkward to learn, but it works a treat.

Some hobbyist just use the DCC command station to program CVs in either Service Mode (if your command station has a Programming Track Terminal Output) or Operations Mode. But for ESU sound decoders you must use their ESU LokProgrammer to download and install ESU sound files and to easily set the decoder for motor type, and voltage for lights and smokers. And more complicated device such as a Massoth Pulsed Smoker, again you must use a ESU LokProgrammer. If you want to download and install Massoth sound files into a Massoth sound decoder, you must use their Massoth PC Programming Module which also easily programmings CVs.

Thank you. I will eventually try using the Zimo MXULFA programmer. It just hasn’t been in stock in forever.

This summer, JMRI 5.0 should be out.
Currently it is 4.26 and a pre 5.0 test release.

You could just download and try it?

Especially since JMRI is free!