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Been a long time

It’s been over a decade…
…since I last posted here. Bart is gone, Ken is gone, how many of my old friends are still here? (G’day, Fr Fred!)
Phil Creer
The Toenail Ridge Shortline

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Hello Phil! Great to see you back. I miss the stories of Toenail Ridge!

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Great to see you!

Nice to hear from you again.

Welcome back Phil, any new tales from the Ridge?

New guy compared to you but good to have someone old/new posting things.

Nice to see you back Phil!

Yes, Phil; I am still here.
We all miss our dear friends who have passed away. They all have shared great friendship, compassion, and care, along with wonderful memories that will continue to enrich all our lives forever.
It is heart-warming to see you dropping in, with our memories of the "Famous “Toenail Ridge”, and all its interesting characters.
I’m sure all your “Fans” would be hoping that you can drop in more often than every 10 years (!!), to keep us abreast of the “Goings-on” at the Ridge. I hope you are in good health, and taking nourishment.
YOU DEFINATELY, are NOT forgotten, and are welcome back with open arms.
Please send me an email to make sure I have your up-to-date addy.
Fred Mills

:grinning: Greats to have you back, Phil. Guess like me, off and on over past 25/30 years or so. Guess it like age here.
Old guy here Noel on west coast.
Santa fe & Butthead Cove R.R.

Good to “hear” from you. PHIL.

Best, David Meashey