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Beautiful yard by Cub Cadet...Since 1961

Beautiful yard, brought to you by Cub Cadet…Since 1961. Just finished mowing the yard, grabbed a quick shot while she idled for a min or two to cool off before getting put back in the garage. She is a 1963 built IH Cub Cadet Original, 38" timed mower deck, same main transmission as the IH Farmall Cub just without the reduction gear boxes on each end of the axles. This tank weights atleast double what my 1968 Wheel Horse weighs. Antique garden tractors is my other hobby besides trains of all kinds. Mike the Aspie

One of the guys I work with collects old Cadets, even has one that he does mini-tractor pulls with

Nice looking Original there Mike! I have a 70 that is mostly restored that my son has claimed and a 123 that may one day get a makeover. First though, I want to get our Allis B-1 running. It needs a new armature and apparently the engine in it is unique and has a different armature than every other Briggs engine!


How many horses in that IH, Mike?

Nice original Mike! When we moved, I went from having to mow a 1/2 acre to doing 2. On the recommendation of a budy I invested in a pair of Cub 1650’s. One was only missing the motor. That was a great decision. Even when things are tall she rips through the yard wit her 50” deck. The same budy even talked me into taking her out to PA plow days this spring, and I had a blast. Garden tractors of all types plowed around 180 combined acres. I’m currently rebuilding a 16h Kholer to get the other gal up and running this one may get shined up nice. I haven’t had much time for railroading since the move but I’ve had a lot of hours in the seat of the Cub. I am looking forward to starting the new layout maybe before winter.

Edit to add video: