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Battery Operated Train Sets New Record

Battery operated train sets new record

My brain read this as two headlines;
Battery operated train sets.
New Record.

Then I read on a bit… “It’s also worth noting that in reaching the 86 miles on Wednesday, the train was operating in a real-world environment, at speeds of up to 60mph, stopping and starting over a hilly route, with elevation changes of up to 200m.”

It’s the Great Western Railways foray into fast charging trains.

Well I guess it is actually a new battery operated train set too. That made me laugh and gave me a craving to “try the veal”. But seriously folks…

Here’s the

video :point_right:

Battery operated train sets new record.

It’s happening in the USA too, but with freight!

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Many sets have been around for years, my biggest concern for me is the quality, power demand, reliability, that I would want. I use Rail Pro and battery power and the cost more than probably 3-4 of these train sets. Since most of us started with a starter set back in the day, I think it’s a good thing to get more people in the hobby.


Meaning no disrespect, but HUH!!! I thought this thread concerned prototypes. How did we suddenly jump to models?

Confused, David Meashey

I guess the poster did say something about a battery-operated train set. Well, I don’t really see this post going very far, so David I think were safe here.