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Battery car

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Some good looking junk Bill. Glad you are able to get back to it.

Though I never had a battery car; I did have a D-Cell locomotive that ran on 6 D cells.SKing1303

Cheers, David Meashey

thanks Jon good to be here

Welcome back to your workshop, Bill!

Being in the hospital for quite a while I developed a bad case of nephropathy in my fingertips and a little tremor, hence my being able to do some modeling has been a struggle to say the least. Still on the table is my mini heisler which is about 90% done and not wanting to mess up what I had done. I have stayed away from it and other projects till I am able to control hand functions better. So the other day I decided that it was time to venture into something new and simple where I could test my skills and build myself a battery car that I could pull behind my smaller RC powered engines like OLD JOE, the new to be finished MINI HEISLER, and a couple of others. I came across an aristo short 2 axle gondola which seemed to not dwarf the engines and look plausible. It is a high sided one and leaves ample room for a battery and RC electronics. I started by building a ledge around all 4 sides in which to support the panel that would hide the electronics below it making sure that the panel was snug enough to to stay in place but loose enough to be lifted out.

 I then went to my good supply of "never throw anything away drawer" and started selecting goodies to place on the top to represent scrap metal. Easy I thought and after selecting a, what I thought was a fair amount I started random placement, cutting wheels in half to create the look of depth and glueing everything down. Finally finishing my

I found I needed about 4 times as much as I had thought and upon adding that amount I still didn’t have enough to create depth. So not wanting to have the wife thinking that I was cleaning up my hobby area , I added some fine HO ballast to fill in the gaps and added color to hide the open spaces, and added a lift shaft in the center to aid in lifting it out. Then I placed plastic wrap on the sides and gave the surface a spray of white glue, water and soap detergent and let it dry overnight. Yet to do is wire in the electrical components and color the dents in the outer wood rail. Will post other picture with electronics and touch up when finished, not back where I was but getting better, Bill


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Great looking load to cover the innards.

(I’ve combined both threads for cleanliness)