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Battery and charger question

A number of years ago Dave Goodson got me hooked up with a Bachmann Climax with batteries, a logging car with batteries (inside the plastic logs) that plugs into the Climax, charger and RCS remote. I am pulling this loco off the shelf in case I can’t get my reverse loop scenario working as I’ve described in another post here in Electronics.

I have reached out to Dave with these questions below, but don’t know if he is still active or around anymore.

  1. What is the significance of the RED light on the charger?
  2. How long does it take to charge up each the Climax and the logging car?
  3. Does the charger shut off once each unit is charged? If not, how do I know that each unit is charged and is it safe to leave on the charger?
  4. Are the batteries still safe especially as they are old and I would assume technology has improved since I purchased this from Dave many years ago?
  5. I believe you once Dave told me that a charge on the Climax should allow about a 45 minute run. I remember him telling me that the charge on the logging car would be much longer, but how long?

Hoping someone hear can answer these questions.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. The red light is to tell you if the wiring is shorting the circuit I believe. Green indicates it’s charging.
  2. Depends on your battery size. When I was using that charger I charged for 12 hours ( slow trickle on NiCad)
  3. Nope. It’s a “dumb” charger. I think Dave used to leave his stuff on continuously but I could be wrong.
  4. Probably not. I’m guessing they are either NiCad or Nimh and they are probably long dead.
  5. Depends on the battery size.

Dave is still answering emails.

On my chargers, the red light indicates that the batteries need charging…
The green light means they are fully charged…
Not sure what kind of charger you have…

I heard back from Dave :slightly_smiling_face:
He answered all of my questions.

Will you please share the answers with us if Dave permits!

After years of using only Gell Cell batteries, I have converted, completely over to 18 volt Lithium.
I made darn sure that i purchase two of the CORRECT chargers for my lithium battery packs. Why two, you ask…well I have two locations where I store my locomotives, and I position a charger at each location.
The two chargers were not very expensive, but they are the correct chargers for the Lithium battery packs I am using.
Most important, when using lithium batteries…don’t cut corners and try to go cheap…for good battery life, and SAFETY.
Fred Mills


Due note here, do not mix battery chargers and Lithium batteries that are not rated for each other. Every seen one explode and start a fire, it can happen. Lithium battery can be dangerous and caution must be given when charging these batteries.