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Batteries for my Blower car?

Years ago I built a Blower car using a 12v Attwood bilge blower and a 18v 2.0 mAh Nicd Dewalt rechargeable drill battery.

The battery fits in the caboose cab. When the battery runs down I remove the cab, remove the + and - wires and plug the battery into the charger. The battery used to be enough for about 1 1/2 circuit around the 600’ of main. Now it is only good for half a trip so I need a new battery.

What is a good option for this? I have looked at other tool batteries since they seem to have a longer life with some reaching 9.0 mAh. I have a basic charger for both nicd and Lipo batteries.
I’m hesitant to take one of these batteries apart like so many do, to attach power leads and a jack for recharging but I can follow a diagram if someone can steer me to one.
Of course the cost is a factor so I need to keep this under $50 if possible.

Any ideas for me?

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I have used this for the ride on cars for kids
Battery holder
They have them for any manufacture
It might be the ticket…hhmmm my blower is doing the same…

NiCd tool batteries do eventually go bad. Sometime soon, yours probably won’t take a charge. The easiest plug&play option for you would be to buy a Dewalt 18V LiIon and charger. They should be just a little smaller in the same amp rating an have the same top connection.

Another option would be a 4 or 5 cell LiIon pack and a set of plugs. 4 Cell is 14.8V nominal and will run your blower a bit slower than the 18V pack. A 5 cell LiIon is 18.5V nominal so would run the blower about the same speed.

Lots of choices. Just depends on what is most important to you.

That is a neat holder Sean. I saw in a video how someone 3d printed one.

I like the speed the blower operates with the 18v. I also use this same battery in my rotary plow. The 12v and 14v work but more power is better. :grin:
I guess the 5 cell Lilon pack would be the way to go but what is the mAh rating on those? Don’t I need a higher rating to extend the length of run time?

What do you mean by a set of plugs?

Something to consider: Li-ion and LiPo batteries are damaged when drained below a safe voltage
level. NiCad can be run dry without harm. So you either need to use a battery manager with the lithiums,
or monitor their voltage at the end of each run for safe levels. I’d just get another dewalt and not worry
for another “years ago”

I have three ride on vehicles that my grandson use this setup on . it has a pedometer to very the speed.
It works great …

That’s pretty dang cool Sean, thanks.

Thanks Sean and everyone. I think I have it figured out. I was using the old batteries from my old Dewalt drill. A few year back I bought a new one that uses 20v lithium batteries. I also remembered that I have a Black and Decker electric trimmer that is also a 20v lithium. Looking on Amazon I found a deal on 2 of the battery holders that Sean recommended. I didn’t know they had such a thing. I can mount one in my blower and the other in my rotary. I found an off brand battery with great ratings that is a 20v 6.0ah that is on sale for $20.99 All together I’m looking at $43 well below my budget of $50.
A bonus to using this battery is that I can use the charger that came with the drill.

Now I’m excited but it is going to take several days to receive it but just in time for the mountain of leaves that are just now falling in mass.

The only thing is and correct me if I am wrong but I will have to keep an eye on this battery and not let it completely discharge.

Thanks again guys.

Lithium-Ion batteries should never be depleted to below their minimum voltage, 2.4 V to 3.0 V per cell.
Determine how many internal cells the cack has, mult by 3.

I would pick a pack with the same or higher MaH rating as the Dewalt battery for similar run time. Set of plugs: Some packs come with just bare leads, some come with a plug attached. If you want to remove it for charging you will need plugs. Lots of choices here too.

Now you have me thinking …
I’ll try to coble together the unit I have with the blower … :thinking:

OK now we have the blower

We have the proven power for a 12volt ride on vehicle

It’s easy to wire…there is a inline fuse …

more to come …


Here is a short video clip showing the diff speeds …listen

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Sean, that adapter is pretty cool. Years ago, when I first experimented with battery & R/C I was using a Ryobi drill battery. In order to make my own quick connect I bought a work light and cut the head off to use the battery connector. It was big & ugly! This set up looks nice and neat.

The new battery arrived today and I had to test it out. The longer run time is so much better.

Thanks guys.

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You’ve designed such great blower cars Todd, and this one takes the cake.

Please post videos of it in action!


PS, I keep seeing steampunk zombie clearing flamethrower…

Thanks Cliff. I have ever only built one Blower car but it has undergone several improvements over the years. A flame thrower would be cool.
Here is a link to a video I put on the “G scale Trains” page on facebook.

This is why we need them thar leaf blowers …