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Baldwin build specs

Not sure if this has ever been discussed or linked here. But people might find it atleast interesting and for those looking for prototype accuracy might find it invaluable.

Baldwin Locomotive works Build sheets


That is a very helpful find !!! Thank you very much!

This slipped by me, thanks for bumping it up Karsten. Great find Devon!

And to go with it, the latest Garden Trains Annual (White River Productions) lists the two-volume Baldwin Book of Styles:

Book of Styles, Vol 1
Book of Styles, Vol 2

Here’s a test drive of all the above, for the V&T #20 “Tahoe,” which is in the PA St RR Museum.

  1. Using the “Index by Purchaser” I found Tahoe (spelled “Jahoe” by the transcriber…) on p826.

  2. This listing shows vol. 7 p. 133 for the spec sheet. So I went to volume 7 (same link) and found it on p104 of the pdf.

  3. Under “Painting,” it says Style 1, “wine”.

  4. Went to the style index, which is at the beginning of the 2nd volume. Page 2 has Style 1 defined.

  5. This chart shows style #1 for the various elements – cylinders, sand box, drivers, tender, all with the underlying color of “wine.”

  6. The remainder of style books v1&2 shows these elements grouped together, with Tahoe’s style being the first in each.

Pretty cool! Now I need to get Rooster and Hollywood to go to RMPA and see if they got all the sandbox arabesque curlicues right on Tahoe, haha!

There she is Cliff pulling CVRR combination car!


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Looks like they may have missed a few detail lines in that picture :sunglasses: :innocent:

There is nothing better to me as a modeler, researcher, and maybe someday author l than seeing a combination of small research finds leading to answers to our questions. For me it was discovering that the CR&N No 1 is alive and well in a private museum. Someday I hope to lay a hand on it.

So Cliff, whatever small contribution this made, I know it was not only useful but personally rewarding to have another piece of the puzzle.