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"Back in the day" share your pictures here

So as the topic states. Been seeing a lot of old pics posted back up along with my own. Let’s just share them here and I’ll start with nothing in order only saved ones.

101109 J 040

Bart and Ken at (Andy’s)?

Signing Bruces ass.




Norms tagged logo

Ric Golding and Bob McCown
Ric and BD

Tagged cousin Matt’s hopper

Mountain man Shawn V

Smaller Gord-n-Fred_1983
Fred and Gord


Great picture of Ken

I really miss him. And Bart, and Steve, and Matthew, and, and, and :cry:

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I’ve posted these in a memory thread before, but seems appropriate here.


Yogi Wallace and his wife. He was the prototype for Alan Bupp (Mik)! Make anything from junk. This was his demo table. ECLSTS year unknown.


Marty Cozad gave a seminar on his rotary build @ ECLSTS


Scott Suleski and his modules on “Big Green” @ ECLSTS


‘Mac’ McCella (spelling?) gave seminars on weathering


Not certain, but I think that’s Gary Bucannan talking with Mike Hauptman of Aristo. Mike was running a 100 car train.


My model contest entry. The name of my old 1:29 railroad.


Early version of Ric Golding’s Timesaver


Ric running the Timesaver


Andy Clarke & Ric Golding in “The Alcove” at ECLSTS


My East Broad Top promotional display in The Alcove.


Drag & Brag Models on display at the Timesaver


Can’t name all the builders. The green Boxcab was built by Bruce Chandler and the “Cheesy Sound Car” was mine.

Wish we could get captions so those of us that don’t know everyone by pictures could tell who is who, the one with Ken and Bart is a really great picture of 2 great guys

I’ll probably butcher spellings and have forgotten a few names, but I’ll go back and edit in what I can.

Orange boxcab is mine.

Thanks Jon.
I haven’t heard Yogi’s name in a long while. He and I exchanged a lot of emails back in the day, great guy.

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This is how I got my LSC nickname (given by Ralph Berg). I had a rental property next door for awhile. It became a party hole and they were going to bed when I was headed to work. I asked a friend of mine who has a farm if I could babysit his roosters for a week just to keep the party hole awake! It didn’t go very well but the pics are priceless.

2015 Drag N Brag

Thank you Rooster and Jon
for putting names to the pictures where possible. Some faces are familiar and it helps to put faces with the people we interact with here . Much appreciated!

From March 28, 2008 at the Alcove (ECLSTS)
Ric & Jon

And the NEXT day…back near the timesaver…
Bob, Ric, Jon

March 28, 2009
Andy and “Hollywood”

March 27, 2010
“This Old House” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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ECLSTS 2009. Some strange things I spotted.
There was a guy who always brought a big circus display with trains.



Then there was the guy with the train made entirely out of wood.

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2012 was a pretty good year at the ECLSTS…

Ric and Gary chat with Hollywood. (Just because ONE sign says exit, it does NOT mean it’s an EXIT!!! :innocent:

Dave Russell by NOT an EXIT!!!

Ken and Gord (from Canada) in the alcove (which was NOT an EXIT)

The contest continued…

To me, the best part has always been the Drag & Brag - here from 2013…
(We have Andy, Ric Bob, and Ken) among others. What fun!

2014… Stan Cedarleaf, Doug Matheson (Canada) and Andy.


Not really back in the day but it’s still back in the day good stuff !

Great pictures! Thanks all for sharing. That first picture of Bart and Ken was taken in the breakfast nook (Dispatcher’s Office) at our house. I’m guessing around 2004 or 2005. Ken came almost every year, Bart came only twice, I think. Ops at our house was the last week of April and the first week of November from 2001 to 2010.

Every picture has a great memory and a great story wrapped around it.