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Bachmann tankcars

Does anyone happened to have a pic of the big hauler tank car vs the Spectrum one?

I have a few of the Spectrum frameless tanks, but the only Big Hauler tank I have has the tank removed from the deck and the tank extended to become an Fn3 tanker some day. If you want pictures of that I’ll set them out for pics.

I’m assuming you want side-by-side for comparison, otherwise pics of each individually shouldn’t be too hard to find on the net.

Thanks JRad, I myself like you being a modeler and thinking about making the car a frameless tank car sounds like a good project for me. I would like to see your pics of what you did to build a frameless tankcar. I would say here if I was to start over again I would be in Fn3 and not in LGB scale and making everything fit into the 1:22.5 scale. I’m probably the only idiot out there doing it.

There are a lot of people running LGB scale. Probably not a lot of folks bashing them as you are, but I’m sure you are not alone in that scale. They look fine so long as you aren’t a rabid rivet counter on scale, or if you are, you claim the track is meter gauge :smiley:

I didn’t build the frameless. They are a stock Bachmann Spectrum (1:20.3) car. The tank build I have in progress (stalled for over 5 years) is a model of one of the EBT tanks on a flat car, also in 1:20.3. I built the flat car while Bart Salmons cut and lengthened the tank. When I got the tank back and was working on how to attach to the flat, I realized that the decking on the prototype was only walkways running lengthwise, while I had decked the flat completely cross wise as a normal flat. The flat went into service as-is and a plan was made to build a second one. With a surplus of tanks on the RR, the plan to build the EBT tank one was shelved.

Yes side by side if possible. Trying to decide. I do have one of the Gramps spectrum, but would like a couple more tankers and spectrum are just not coming up so trying to see how they look together before I buy any.

OK. I’m including a roster shot of the Bachmann Frameless for John’s benefit…

And here are some side-by-side shots. Note that the flat under the tank only has two axles installed to get the height close and the tank is not complete as it’s now longer than the flat…

Now, after digging the tank out of storage, I’m kinda motivated to get this project rolling again. Bart did a styrene wrap with rivets over a piece of PVC pipe to extend the tank length. Notice that there is some distortion where the adhesive deformed the styrene. Any suggestions as how to deal with this to make it less visible. Perhaps hide it with weathering?

@mickey When Bart was doing this for me he told me that the Big Hauler tank measured out almost dead on in diameter and that the filler was nearly perfect as well in Fn3, but the overall length was way too short, this his extension.

Bart was also modifying some Big Hauler hoppers to Fn3 size for me, but unfortunately he passed before they were done.

Thanks JRad for the pics, I also started looking around on YouTube and found this video, Bachmann Large Scale Spectrum 1:20.3 Frameless Tank Car - Gramps No. 88169 #88494 Review - YouTube Someone asked if they had pics of the two Bachmann tankcars, Spectrum and Big Hauler, as you will see there is no comparison between the two. Spectrum series cars are no longer in production and finding them used is hard to find them, the price is also going to be in the $100 plus range and that’s if your lucky to find one at that price in todays market.

Wouldn’t any old tank car have bumps and gouges in the side?

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Probably. Like I said, probably would fit right in with weathering. I just need to decide it’s OK to weather my stuff.

I so far have done very little weathering to my G Scale engines and rolling stock. I do rust my wheels and some rust on the trucks and car underframes, plus all bodies etc. are dull coated to give that used look. If I do decide to weather the sides of the rolling stock and engines with dust and grime it will be a light weathering and not a heavy weathering which I think looks the best for what I want. For me G Scale is a Standoff Scale and I want it to look good from 4-6 feet away and not have that new plastic look and I do not count rivets. Remember it what looks good to you, not everyone else, it’s your railroad.

Just wanted to say I received my Bachmann Big Haulers Tank Car Kit. It was still new in the box and worth the $35.00 I paid for it on ebay, it included metal wheels and metal handrails. I will also when I build the kit I will add more detail to the car, just the fun of modeling. I did order some T&P railroad tank car decals, should go well with my railroad.

Please post some pics and as you go.

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