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Bachmann Switch Stand Adapter

Jerry was good enough to send me pics of his adapter installation,

… and here’s mine.

Works perfectly with the Train Li switches as it was meant to do! Now if I can only find a brick for behind the mill once connected !

Thanks Cliff

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That’s great Rooster, I’m glad they worked out. Thanks for the pics, your trackage is looking great!

That building looks great there. I noticed Ken never attached the CLOSE CLEARANCE sign I made him after ripping a window off my C-19 on it’s maiden appearance. I’ll bet Cliff ended up with it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Before you mentioned it Jon, I hadn’t remembered that mill was from Ken’s. Sure looks perfect there Rooster. I looked around but didn’t see that sign, sorry.

No problem. I have several and can always make more.

Pretty scary sign!!

Like, “Don’t be the squished dude who ignored this!”

Least of my worries BD!