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Bachmann Spectrum 2-6-0 #102 $395

The Bachmann locomotive mentioned in my Spring Test (which you failed, Bruce,) is now for sale. It is the Kansas Central #102 in gorgeous gloss black paint. You can see the reflection of the window on the tender.)
P.S. The ‘Kansas Central’ is only written on the cab panel. It would be simple to overlay it with a new nameplate, like “Black Beauty”.

It came in a barn sale, and the seller claimed it ran around his tree for 2 loops and then stopped with a bad gear. Someone tried to fix it and failed, so I got the whole shebang. Fortunately I had a new axle with the new ‘D’ shape and gear, so that is installed and it works fine.

The guy who tried to fix it broke the chuff plate and a few wheel retainers, but nothing I couldn’t fix. On this pic I arrowed the fixes. Should last forever.

It shows no signs of wear, and seems to be complete. See these pictures.

(Click on the pic to pop it out and then you can see it fullsize by clicking on it.)
Eagle-eyed readers will notice on tender chain wrapped around a footstep. I took the opportunity to relieve the tender trucks a little so they have a little give and will track better. Note the unused grease on the axles!

An as-new Bachmann Spectrum 2-6-0, with fixed gear and tender trucks for a mere $395. Plus shipping - I have the original box, and the seller just stuck a label on it and sent it. As he ruined the box, I might as well do the same.

SOLD Sold Sold Sold Sold (the post had to be 20 characters.)