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Bachmann Southern Pass cars set of 4

An Old Friend pass a few months ago and his wife sent it here to see if can pass it on to maybe Con’t. enjoying his work.
Looks like loaded with USA people in them. All lights work. Very nice and like new.
No sure how to get photos no on here, so just e-mail and I’ll send photo’s.
They can be packed very well in bubble wrap.
“She wants $225. oo Plus Shipping for all 4.” But, just trying for $ 30.oo a car and like to just sell them as all 4 in one box to not break up the set, plus shipping…

For pictures, just drop them into your post. EASY! :innocent:

But, I’m not sure WHERE she’s getting that sort of price from…(NOT that I am ANY sort of expert, but that does SOUND a tad high when I look online and see something like THIS or THIS

I know that we all have to go sometime, but please don’t leave a mess behind for your family to clean up… :innocent:

Bruce C. I told her that and she was trying to get the shipping back. So trying for 30 buck a car plus shipping sound more like it, I think from here if all sent in one box
… Noel.

All sold… Thanks you…1/16/21

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