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Bachmann site down?

Been having problem getting Bachmann site to come up the past few days. Anyone else having this issue?

Yes, I’m also not having any success and the attempted connection times out.

Oh, dear. What shall we do, right?
If their latest version of socket is not compatible with the version of plug-in module you have in use, there will be connection issues.

I must restrict myself to my room for that one.
But, my guess is they want folks to use the portion of the site that they can track you better from.
If you are going to, try
Goes right there for me, but I dove no further.

Or are you non-specifically attempting to connect to the Bachmann Forum, as a more distinct definition than the Bachmann Site?

The better to track you with!


Yes was going to the main site. The e store does work, thanks. Was also trying to check something on the forum.

I talked to a lady in service and she confirmed it was down and supposedly IT is working on it. As for my questions, she couldn’t answer but suggested posting on the forum for the Bach Man to answer. Which of course is not up. Circle.

And their forum still down.

And today Sept. 8, 2022 it’s still down!

It’s been back up for over a week now. About time!