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Bachmann Lil Hauler tank car

Anyone have one of the Lil Hauler tank cars handy to give me some measurements? I need the diameter and length of the tank.

Ha!!! I bet I can guess where this is going. Sadly in my acquisitions of Lil Big Haulers I never acquired the tank car. But if you are thinking what I am thinking you are thinking then this would be a great and likely inexpensive route to go for the double tank car. Cut and end off each tank and glue them together?

Hah, but nope. I have three or 4 of the regular G scale Bachmann tank cars. This is for Yet Another Project I Dont Have Time For ™ ®

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Here is what I came up with:

About 3 5/8 wide.

About 7 1/8 Long.

And about 5" tall.

Hope that helps…

Exactly what I need, thanks @Dave_Taylor

Now the scrounging for the other stuff I need begins.

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