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Bachmann large scale booklets

Forgive the ignorance of a first time user
Does anyone know where i can get orignial, or copyed,
or pdf of the booklets that came with the Bachmann 3 truck shay
AND the 2-8-0 outside frame??.
Bought both used and can not find maintenance /lube info.
And i do not use videos.

Thank you

I am out of town but may have one or both. I’ll check when I get back in 2 weeks.

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Not exactly what you are looking for but George Schreyer has a page on Shay tips.

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Thank you, any information at this stage is a gift!!!

Thank you very much

Any help is appreciated.

Did you go to their site under parts, service and info? Below is a link then scroll down to the large scale and you will see info that came with them for the most part. The color flyers not available but videos are on their YouTube site. The videos are really your best source for lubing. Really.

I am actually looking for scans or reproductions
Video and youtube do not work for me

Thank you