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Bachmann K-27 counterweights

I recently ran across a thread where someone commented something about the ‘original’ counterweights and some issue. I’ve searched and not found anything talking about it. I bought a slightly used one a couple years back. What exactly was the issue and how do I tell if I have the ‘good’ couterweights?

I even went t to George Schreyer’s page and Greg’s but nothing I saw. And by the way George’s page has not been updated in forever, is he still around?

as i recall the counterweights were loose on the axle and caused binding in the side rods, Bachman had a program to replace for free back in the day with a sales receipt. they may still have some so inquire.

hard to tell if yours were replaced, but try wiggling the counterweight while holding the opposite side counterweight. depending on your production run they also could have been factory replaced in philly.

Al P.

He started more updates about 10 years ago, but that tailed off. The website hasn’t been updated since 2013.