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Bachmann G-Men

A few years ago, I wrote Bachmann asking if they had plans to produce more of their G Men style figures in more types. Women, children, workers, etc. I did receive an answer saying that the suggestion would be passed along to the “Powers that be”.

I am asking all of you to send Bachmann an email, letter, or whatever, to Bachmann asking the same question.

I like the style of these figures and wish there were more.

Hi Dan,

I posted elsewhere that the Bachmann LS Forum would be a good place to post in my opinion. Many would see it and the reply would be also seen by many.

Yep, got it Alan. Thanks for being in two places at the same time.

Wow ! No other takers for this one ?

Well The Bachmann replied. It seems that they are not intending to make their range as they refer to other places where figures can be got!

I’m not surprised by their response. I don’t think they are going to do anything new in large scale until the economy improves and sales go back up, even then they may prove reluctant to sink a lot of money in what’s become an even narrower niche market.