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Bachmann Forum is Back

The Bachmann Forum is back in operation. It now requires a simple registration to post messages. They wrote that they have now included code to defend against spambots. With any luck, it will take the trolls, spammers, denial of service attackers and other idiots a while to figure out how to defeat the new code and requirements.

Good to see Bachmann continuing to support their forum. In spite of the recent attacks by idiots and criminals, I really believe it provides a good forum. Especially so for beginning model RRers in all scales, Thomas the Train included! LOL!!

Happy RRing,


For the record, ther is a lot bandied about regarding denial of service (DOS) and "tracking the culprits down.

From what I have seen (And TOC forgive me I dont have access to the front office, so I am guessing in that respect) this does nt seem to me to be a concerted DOS.

It seems to me to be an automated insertion into a PHP vunerablity, or similar.

And lastly there is no defence againts a concentrated DOS, or a Distributed DOS (DDOS). If Yuri decides to take a pop at your back bone from 1000’s of compromised PCs you might as well go to the beach for the afternoon. A DOS means that, you could nt access the site.

Also, It’s unlikely (tho not impossible) you will find them.

Pat on the back for TOC and Johanne etc.

As usual just a laymans observation.


While that is true, the making of the resource unuseable to the people for which it was set up does, in fact, fall under “DoS” terminaology.

I have the printout somewhere.
It is not the “classic” Denial of Service you come to view as thousands of bots sending millions of messages ito a server or corporation or whatever.

One quote: "Network attacks include outright floods of data to overwhelm the finite capacity of your connection, spoofed unreach/redirect aka “click” which tricks your computer into thinking there is a network failure and voluntarily breaking the connection, and a whole new generation of distributed denial of service attacks (although these are seldom used against individuals unless you’ve really upset somebody). "

It’s been and being looked into.

Whatever you call this, it killed the ability of the normal user to enter and normally use the forum.

While you are correct that normally we think of these as network or IRC attacks, anything that removes the functionality is considered a DoS, albeit a fringe element thereof.

So, I suppose we could call it:

A concerted effort by someone who set up the software and “bug” to exploit the limitations of the PhP BBS and deny the users the ability to normally use the service.

That makes it a “AcebswutsaBtetlotPBadtutatnuts”.

Easier to say “DoS”.

One other:

" DoS attack can be perpetrated in a number of ways. There are three basic types of attack:

  1. consumption of computational resources, such as bandwidth, disk space, or CPU time."

Which is what it was trying to do.

If Johann wasn’t yanking them off as fast as he could, the board would have shut down.

“If Johann wasn’t yanking them off as fast as he could, the board would have shut down.”

No denying that, good to see the first team is on it.

Off to bed, hope the detective work pays off.

Funny is nt it, after leaving the boats, you still might be chasing Russkies after all.

Nighty night.

Well I give up! I can no longer post on the Bachmann board. I try to log in and my name isn’t recognised, my password isn’t recognised and when I tried for a new password my posting name still was “unrecognised”. Maybe I’ll try again in a couple of weeks after they have things sorted out.

I had no trouble registering and accessing the upgraded Bachmann forum.

Unlike “the other site” this pm.
I get “access refused”.

Like Tony, I had no trouble registering on the “new” Bachmann Forum (Phorum as they call it), glad it is back, I lurk there a lot.
Regards, Danny Sheehan in Oz.

well it is back again. just happened to stumble over there. looks like a complete reformat/new software.

Al P.

Not a resource I use, but this sounds like another case where years of history got flushed. I think our own LSC is one of the few forums that has not suffered significant data loss from upgrades. Thank you BD.

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In the FWIW department, I looked in the Large Scale topics, and posts go all the way back to 2007. Can’t speak for the content of the posts, ie photos, but at least there is a good indication.
On the optomistic side, maybe that is what took them so long to bring the forum back. A concerted effort to not loose content.

Thanks Bob. I took Al’s statement “reformat” to mean all new. Guess he didn’t mean it that way.