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I have Qty 3 available of the BACHMANN EUREKA & PALISADES 4-4-0 .

The Interior Box has not been opened. I threw out the Exterior Shipping Box.

NOS. Not Ran. Not Tested. Apparently the Axle Gear is supposed to eventually fail once ran.

Selling As Is.

Price 395.00 USD EACH.

Shipment will be through Fed Ex with Fed Ex Charges added to the Purchase.

Thank you,


This is Tim Smith in Fort Myers, FL. Peter Thornton recommended I contact you about the Eureka locos and some other items you have for sale. Do you have any pictures or other details? Thanks. Tim

Hi Tim ,

No photos. Just look at the BACHMANN Website or Far Better Yet,

just Google



I was just recently looking at the Hotel Rates for Fort Myers, Fl.

Too Rich for me !!!

Fort Myers is definitely not KISSIMMEE !!!

Too bad as I wanted to view the Sunsets over the Ocean.

I cannot view " Sunsets over the Ocean " from East Side Palm Beach !

So, I will be Wintering up here in Canada this Season.

My objective this Winter is to Sell Off My Surplus Trains.

I have " discovered " 2 1/8 in Track Gauge Tinplate.

Before everyone laughs, SOME of the Standard Gauge Tinplate is Almost Scale in Appearance.


I am near Tim but on Fort Myers Beach, about 25 miles away, where we have great sunsets. I add a photo every month.

Some great rentals around here - Bonita Springs is the next island and their rates are slightly better.

Can you PM me an email address. I sent you a message - you should see a green dot on the big N top right (your icon/avatar.) Click it.
My email is pthornto at aol dot com.

Not necessarily. We just rebuilt a pair of similar 4-4-0s (including a Eureka) which had good gears that we didn’t have to fix. Someone might have already swapped the gear though - I didn’t check.

Hello, If the locomotives are in new condition, I would like one if still available.

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