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Bachmann ET&WNC Jackson & Sharp Passenger Cars


Owing to the fact that I just found a great deal on 2 NIB AMS Coaches, I’m going to part with my Bachmann Jackson & Sharp cars. I have a Combine…

And a Coach…

Both have been modified. Roofs, platforms and interiors have been painted. At least one has the lighting converted to LEDs but the battery has since gone South. Both have body mounted AMS couplers, however the original truck mounted couplers can be restored as I simply swung the trucks around.

Both cars have some passengers glued into the seats and the combine has a bit of freight.

With the mods, I think these are worth $90 each or $175 for the pair, plus shipping. I’m open to reasonable offers.

I’ll take better pictures later today and post below.


Got the cars outdoors for some photos. These should tell you everything you need to know…

I flipped them over last night to check out the stock couplers: The tangs are there, but couplers are not. I probably have them.

I noticed that I upgraded the wheel sets to USA metal wheels which are heavier than Bachmann wheels so they track a bit better and the center of gravity is lower.

The power wipers have been removed from the trucks, but I might have them too.

I need to confirm, but should have original boxes.

I leave these here exclusively until the weekend, then will cross-post on Facebook.

I posted these to Facebook yesterday at a slightly higher price due to Paypal fees. They are still available to friends at this price and I am open to offers as well.

2nd EDIT - sold in Facebook in less than 48 hours!

Thanks for looking. These are SOLD!!

I guess my handiwork was appreciated. Similar cars in stock used condition just sold for $25 each. I got no argument at $90 each :slight_smile: