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Bachmann connie (SOLD)

bought it new and ran it twice before the gear failed. did the brass replacement fix from bachmann, It needs a rivet replaced on one of the drive rods. includes a matching caboose. It does not have sound. local pick up from 90723. Asking $400.00

Who made the caboose, if I may ask?

Looks like Hartland.

I agree that it’s probably Hartland. Looks like one I have around here somewhere…

The baggage door on the side indicates it may be a “gussied up” Lionel.

Just my $0.02, David Meashey

I think you’re right, Dave.

It would make a nice little logging cubby.
I might see if I can find one.
I already have a couple Connies.
I bought them new and when I opened them up, both had
cracked gears! I Immediately contact Barry and got a new drive for one.
The other, I dummied and use it as a helper on the rear of the train.

Lionel on eBay.

It is a re-painted, extra grab irons, and real chain on both ends Lionel caboose. It also has USAT marker lamps, smoke jack and metal wheels.