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Bachmann C19 and Revolution RX

We (Jerry and I) are trying to make a Revo plug in board work in his C19. We had no trouble linking it and the loco moves, but we have no sound.

All my steam sound Revo RX produce sound as soon as the RX connects to the TX. This one, a diesel sound version ( don’t ask ) does not.

So 2 questions for you experts:

  1. Is there anything needed in the C19 tender to persuade the speaker to work once the RX is installed? It seems to be connected to the motherboard.

  2. Does the diesel sound RX need a special configuration to produce sound,? We have set F1 to latch, as we do on the steam sound RX.

A reply to my own question. We did figure out (someone told us) that the Revo speaker plug/option is NOT connected to the speaker in the tender that is wired to the Bachmann motherboard. Seems strange, but once we plugged the speaker in to the Revo socket, it worked fine.