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Bachmann Big Hauler chases

With the Bachmann site down I can’t post there so I though someone here might know. I have a 4-6-0 chassis I bought back in 2014 with the intention so upgrading my sons 1995 era big hauler. Best laid plans…Now I plan to use it for an anniversary boiler they are selling at good price. The chassis had metal running gear and is marked 81093 on the box it came in. How do I tell which generation it is?

Don’t obsess over what generation it is. The fact is they almost ALL work! The only one that won’t work is if the upper (cab and boiler) came from one of the 1st generation battery powered engines with plastic drivers made to run on plastic track. HTH :+1:

Mickey, George Schreyers website has descriptions of the early generations, ( but the latest ones all have large final drive gears and they have an offset bump to clear the gear on the back axle. Here’s an Annie chassis with a bump. Anniversary locos may be gen5 with a plastic gear, or gen6 with a metal final drive.