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Bachmann 4-4-0 gear splitting

I have one of the older, but bought new by me, Bachmann 4-4-0 that has only been run a very little. But I heard over the years how the drive gear will just split sitting there. So I want to plan ahead and be prepared. How is the Bachmann replacement working out. I read where it is a D shaped but did that solve the cracking issues? Does anyone else even have replacement gears?

The gear splitting (common to ALL older Bachmann engines) is due to gassing out of the plastic that was used, not the method of drive.

Jiro Yeramian machines replacement gears for many G scale locos. You can contact him on FB Redirecting...

We don’t know yet. They certainly work and are not expensive to buy so we hope they’ll be good for 10+ years. Buy a spare?

Jiro doesn’t have the 4-4-0 or 2-6-0 gear as far as I know.

I just noticed the axle gear for the D shape axle is all of $3.57 and is listed as available. Might be good to buy a couple of spares!

I did the same a couple of years ago. I also understand you could try here Max

Does anyone have any pics of the split gear?

This is from the thread I posted when I changed out a gear recently.

NOTE: this gear is the old style and fits on the knurled axle. The NWSL gear will fit this axle - but won’t fit the new style with the flat “D” section:

As mentioned above, spare gears and complete axle+gear are available in the Bachmann parts store.

So it’s “SPLIT” I thought maybe it just cracked.
Thanks Pete

Some crack, some split. I just did a 2-4-2 with a crack on one side, Tim has a 0-4-0 with a completely split gear. We did a 4-6-0 gear that was cracked but only on one side.

It seems totally random whether the whole gear breaks or just one side. Might be something to do with how much use it is getting - if it sits on a shelf and never runs, maybe they split? Who knows.

Get the new Bachmanm gear on a D shaped mount axle. But don’t throw away the old splined axle, as you can get an NWSL replacement. I understand they use Delrin not just a cheap nylon moulding. Then you are covered now and in the future and have a spares option when the time to sell or pass on arrives. Max